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Furness Trinidad Limited

"Furness Complex"
11 & 13 Milling Ave.
Sea Lots
Port of Spain
West Indies
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Furness Shipping & Marketing Ltd

About Us

Furness Shipping & Marketing Limited was formed in 1985 to take over the combined operations of the Shipping Department of Furness Trinidad and its Sales Department.

As part of the UKís Furness Withy Group, one of the Largest shipping companies in the world boasting of a fleet of over 500 ships, the company represented strong shipping lines such as shaw savil, Prince Lines, Booth Line, Bank and savil, P & O Cruises just to name a few and made a worthwhile contribution to the groupís development when shipping was at its peak.

Our Major principal Furness Withy was taken over and most of the groupís associated lines were sold to rival owners and operators. The same fate hit many established shipping companies including the cruise industry and the activities of the shipping department are now a very small part of our activities. We however are still considered the most experienced shipping agent in Trinidad and Tobago and advise many overseas and local authorities on maritime and shipping matters.

The sales department also made a valuable contribution to the groupís development with its major income earners such as Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey, Johnson Outboard Motors, Masonite Wall Board, Pioneer Chain Saws, Absolute Vodka, Blue Nun Wines. Most of these brands which are now household names started off in our market as unknowns and due to the aggressive and effective distribution efforts of our company, became number one sellers.

Again Major International takeovers and mergers have seen the dynamics of the agency business change overnight and certain markets including the Liquor trade became volatile. We took a conscious decision to shift from Liquor and Electrical products to personal care and heath and beauty and have become a leading player in that field.

We currently represent the following world famous brands:

  • Banana Boat Sun Care Products
  • Baby Magic
  • Playtex Tampons
  • Wet Ones Towelettes
  • Freeman beauty products
  • Jordana Cosmetics
  • Pure Jamaica
  • Arizona beverages
  • White Rain
  • Alpen Goat Milk Products

Contact Info:

Director/General Manager Ė Adriana V Ferreira
(868) 627-5191 / (868) 682-7575

Samples can be sent to
Furness Shipping & Marketing Limited
Furness Complex
11 & 13 Milling Avenue
Sealots, Port Of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

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