City Park Grand Opening

The new muti-storey car park facility located at the corner of Richmond Street and Independence Square, now branded Furness City Park, was conceived by the current Furness Group Chairman, Mr. William A. Ferreira, and is one of the largest and most modern carparks in the Caribbean. It is located in a central location in Port of Spain, at the heart of the Government Campus and its surroundings. 

The Government Campus, which was completed and operationalized, consists of a significant amount of office space, resulting in an increased public demand for safe and secure parking. The opening of this carpark, will now allow for this demand to comfortably be met, as the existing carparks nearby are bursting to their seams at capacity. 

The new Furness City Park Building is a modern 12 storey structure that can facilitate over 900 vehicles. This new, state of the art facility’s main multi-lane access point is located on Richmond Street, with another secondary access point from Wrightson road. It has modern passenger lifts located on each side of the building to swiftly and conveniently take customers to and from their vehicles, and the facility conforms to all the latest International Engineering codes and modern industry standards. 

This facility’s access and egress points are manned by 24 hour security. There are modern CCTV cameras monitoring and recording activities on every floor, and mobile cart patrols by security personnel who ensure the safety and wellbeing of every customer and vehicle that are park here. 

The operation of the facility is very different to what Trinbagonians are accustomed to. Furness has installed the best equipment that allows for fast, mechanised entry and exit so that the customer’s experience will be quick and convenient, and is backed fully with a generator in case of power outages. It is a cashless system with very little required human interaction. There is a fully automated parking management system, used widely in the United States and Europe, featuring a ticketed entry and exit system. Payment is done using state of the art pay machines, located strategically in the facility, which accepts both debit and credit cards. 

This project has cost Furness approximately 150 Million TT dollars to construct. Most of which would have been spent on local labour, goods and services, with a significant portion paid in taxes etc., thereby contributing significantly to the T&T economy during a tough economic period. 

The Furness Group is proud to officially open the Furness City Park facility for business, in order to provide a safe, quick, convenient and carefree parking option to the public.